Star Alliance Virtual Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Membership at Star Alliance Virtual.

1) General Requirements

1.1) In accordance with International regulations under the Internet Security and Information Act of 1988 no member under the age of 13 will not be able to join Star Alliance Virtual Airlines
1.2) All pilots must own a legal copy of either one of the following approved simulators: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, X-Plane 10 or Prepar3D. Illegal copies are strictly forbidden and will be reported. All of the listed simulators are configurable to work with Star Alliance Virtual Airlines correctly and efficiently.
1.3) To make sure all pilots are active at our community and the airline, we require all of our pilots to fly within 14 days (2 weeks) of their entry into the airline, as well as one (1) successful flight every 30 days to remain as a active pilot. Failure to do this will incur the “Inactive” tag with termination following if a successful flight is not submitted within 1 month after this. You may request a leave of absence for up to 3 months, active Pilots who do not comply with this rule will be removed from the roster unless they request a LOA (Leave of Absence). You can use this feature via your logbook. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Human Resources.
1.4) Inside our flight tracker, please make sure that you set the correct settings for fuel. To get the correct fuel calculation, fuel price and total revenue for the flight, please make sure you use kg and not pounds/lb.
1.5) Upon registration, you are requested to provide a valid, working email address. It is member’s responsibility to make sure that the e-mail address on file is valid at all times
1.6) The staff of Star Alliance Virtual is able to update the rules and regulations of our virtual airline, but the members of our virtual have to be informed about this and re accept the new rules and regulations.

2) Flights

2.1) You have to fly online on IVAO or VATSIM network or offline.
2.2) During your flights you have to use the callsign that is specified inside the flight details. It´s not mandatory to use the STA (Star Alliance Virtual callsign), cause we have 29 airlines under 1, so you can choose flights between 29 airlines.
2.3) When you are flying onto an area without ATC, you have to monitor UNICOM 122.800 for your communications with the other traffic. This will also be active on the IVAO network, where you have to monitor the open freq for no ATC available.
2.4) Are you during a flight for one of our 29 airlines, then you have to use an aircraft listed from the fleet of our company. This also includes creating routes, if you have created a route that already exists at our company, so will this be the cause,your Pirep may not be accepted. Is your PIREP rejected cause this issue, please contact our HR Manager.
2.5) For the recording of flights within the VA, we use the smartCARS 2 program which can be downloaded inside the profile center.
2.6) If you want to talk to other pilots inside the VA, we use the Teamspeak 3 Client program. To avoid NON members of the airline, please make sure under registration that you put in your Unique ID from teamspeak to your profile.
2.7) Must not under no circumstance create own routes, if you miss a route inside our database, please contact our Operation manager
2.8) Please make sure that inside the our smartCARS, that your change your fuel settings from LB to KG, otherwise you will risk that getting a REJECTED PIREP.

3) Forum

3.1) Treat others like you want others to treat you.
3.2) Don´t be rude to anyone.
3.3) You must not Under no circumstances publish any third person’s personal information. Doing this will get you banned from the airline, cause its against the law.
3.4) The moderators and/or the administrators of our forum are responsible to maintain an overall enjoyable atmosphere in this forum. They have the rights to transfer your post to another category or even to delete it from the forum if they decide that your post violates the forum rules.
3.5) You have to use a title that describes the content of your post.
3.6) If you experience any trouble at any kind, please contact a member of the staff team, you can use this page : to get in contact with a staff member.

4) Website privacy

4.1) The Star Alliance Virtual Airline is able to use the information you provide for imroving our site.
4.2) Our website may contain links to other websites. Be aware that using these connections we have no control over them.
4.3) We will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to any third parties unless we are required by law to do so. There may be occasions where sophisticated hacks may be carried out that we cannot protect from. If this is the case, Star Alliance Virtual Executive will appropriate actions including informing members whos data may have been compromised.

5) Rules for the staff team

5.1) Staff Members must have a sufficient knowledge of how to use our Flight Scheduling System, Forum and any other services related to our virtual airline.
5.2) The Staff Members of Star Alliance Virtual must not be staff members to any other virtual airline.
5.3) Staff Members must be able to devote at least 6 hours per week to their responsibilities.
5.4) Staff Members have to maintain the online activity of our virtual airline not only on our forums but also in other flight simulation related forums. This will specially be pointed to staff positions like Event Manager, Vice CEO and the HR Manager position.
5.5) Staff Members of Star Alliance Virtual must use their official Star Alliance email (xx (at) (dot)staralliancevirtul com) in order to send emails related to Star Alliance Virtual. They are not allowed to use it as a personal email.
5.6) Staff Members of Star Alliance Virtual must be active at our forums and on our TeamSpeak. Also they have to try and help the new members of our virtual airline.

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